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Had just begun playing and log in screen kicked me off

To the Powers that Be on Wild Party Bingo,
  Today, October 27, 2018, I had just logged onto Facebook so I could claim my Wild Party Bingo daily reward.  After that, I chose two bingo cards in which one was a party card.  The bingo announcer said, "6" and I had a 6 on my party card. Then, out of nowhere, the Facebook log in sign came up on the page and said to log in to continue. So, I thought I had to log in again, thus it completely kicked me off of my bingo cards, and it was like beginning again asking me for how many cards I wanted.  This happened last week too.  It's like throwing away bingo chips or paying double for only two cards.  
  I am kindly requesting that this problem be examined.   I have brand new cable wires on my outside pole and my modem's lights are solid and secure; so I think the issue is at your end.  In the meantime, I do not think I should play.  This is my favorite and only bingo game I play.  I hope you are able to resolve the issue.
Bobbie (Barbara) Greene-Treloggen
Friend Code 1689097


  • MarionMarion Community Manager
    Thanks Bobbie. I will give you some chips and diamonds by way of an apology.

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