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  • lise911666

    Hello Allie,

    I love wild party bingo but I have a lot of problem playing.

    Almost a week now that the dauber do not work... I have read that "red hat" had the same problem and "morpheus" said that it was a rare bug... so it looks like I have the same bug... can you fix my problem please ?

    Also, a few times during the week ... I  bought my usual 4 cards but never could play the game, I heard the music and all but nothing.

    Also, when the cards are not good I take the break (it daub for 30 sec) and the eraser that keep the number daubed and give me new one... it went all wrong for a few times : began on the first card and then jumped on the third one ...

    Many problems for a game that I love :(... please help like you did before :)


    March 2017
  • benji63
    I couldn't connect to my server earlier.once I did get on the game it didn't give me my spin of the wheel.would appreciate it if I could get my spin of the wheel
    March 2017
  • Renee
    For a few weeks I've posted to Facebook to earn chips Nd watched too many videos I still as of now not received my chips that is owed to me plz help me figure out how to receive them thank you so much
    March 2017
  • Deebie
    Recently today, I bought 15,000 chips for $9.99 and now either get kicked off your server or can't get in at all. This is very frustrating. Earlier, I didn't get credit for chips I used to get into Carnival 1 game after I was kicked off your server. Your website doesn't even have a forum to file complaints. Please refund my money and until you get this issue fixed, I am leery about coming back to play on any Asylum Labs game. Please respond to this email as soon as possible but no later than Monday, January 23, 9:00 am CST. If I do not hear back from you, I will be contacting Amazon.

    Thank you.

    Deb Rehorst
    January 2017
  • Bobbie
    Hi Allie0923, 
    I finally found you...I've been corresponding with Loraine because for some reason I've been unable to collect diamonds that have been awarded to me.  I'm up to 10 diamonds with none to show for two awards. I enjoy this game a lot, but the more diamonds, the more I get to play and help my teammates. My friend code is: 1689097.  Thank you for your help and time in this matter.
    November 2016
  • Tammy67
    What happened to mplus rewards?????
    August 2016
  • sweetchan
    June 2016
  • crybaby1
    you are so right faith and if i only knew who these people were i would give them a taste of their own nasty words.see how they like it.. IT'S CALLED BULLYING NO WAY AROUND IT...and it needs to stop and stop here. because if i find out who it is...BEWARE I AM COMING FOR YOU',,,,,and feel free to leave your nasty little comments her. and i guarantee you i will get back to you real sooooon....
    June 2016
  • faithN
    I 2nd that Sherrie! There is NO reason to be speaking to Allie the way that I see some of these comments are. Its rude and down right just dirty! She has done nothing to you all PERSONALLY! Come on...its a game and she has a Real life to live  like the rest of us do. She gets back to all of us ASAP. She cares about this being a family game and keeping it such. Just think next time that she is someone's mother..would YOU speak to YOUR mother that way?? Have respect is all I am saying. She is a kind woman who goes above and beyond! Thanks, Faith.
    June 2016
  • crybaby1
    THIS IS FOR THE FOUL MOUTHED,INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE.Ya all need to stop and realize this is a game it it suppose to be fun and meet new people. those of you who wish to bash MS Allie and cuss her and talk the way you do needs to stop. She puts her heart and soul in this game and trys her best to please all of us, being disrespectful to her is not cool.She has thousands of people to try to keep happy and gets back in a timely fashion to everyone.. She does this on her time, free time so next time ya want to open your foul mouths stop and think about her feelings... thank you
    June 2016
  • faithN
    Hi Allie, I have just read your response to my post about the slots. I was only saying what many players were talking about but apparently do not want to back up what they are saying. LOL. I am NOT putting the game down, of course if it were that bad I would not be playing. I am NOT putting down the slots because I LOVE to play them as they are a lot of FUN!! I think your awesome at your job and you are a very sweet lady. I would NEVER want your job and listen to all this complaining. LOL. But another thing I have to address is the singles crossing over. I am being told that I am a selfish person by Diana and others insulting me. What happens , that I have noticed, is that if I play in a room with friends then go to singles to earn chips it will stay in that room at times. I can see everything they are saying. I just wanted to confirm what others are saying. It is true. Thank you for your time.  I am not complaining just saying what I am seeing and what happens to me and my friends. Faith . Friend code 860111 
    June 2016
  • glot
    I closed last night with 59 diamonds.  Today I was rewarded 6 diamonds; but, it shows only 57,  which is 2 less than what I had and non of the 6,  I was rewarded.  Thank you.
    May 2016
  • Loraine
    Hi allie bought refreshers never gave me them lost 6 diamonds. Can u please recover these. Also is there a problem with shop been trying to buy diamonds i cant my friend code is 1178938 can you email at
    April 2016
  • 2cute4me
    Yes Ty you very much
    April 2016
  • GraceSC

    hey allie! 

    i'm having to use the laptop as my NEW puter had to go the shop.  when i go to wpb, it keeps telling me i need to update flashplower.  i have done this twice! 

    i've also updated win7, but still no joy, i've run all the right tests, and still no joy.  Please advise what i can do so i can play.

    Many thanks,


    April 2016
  • caliscrappy
    wanted to let you know , wasent able to buy power ups this morning & 1st place prizes didnt get awarded several times again , still my favorite !!!
    April 2016
  • RobynMK
    This is my first time doing this so I hope I'm doing it right & can find a response!
    I have been playing a few weeks now but everyday when I log on I only get to day 5 then it starts over at day 1. Why doesn't it go any higher? Also I've never seen the Party Wheel for daily spins! Do I have to get to a particular level or something?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you!
    March 2016
  • calkinskathie
    539604--my number, please, please fix the monkey so when it pops up I can X it out and not be bothered till the next day, or could you shut it off, I can't take it anymore..
    February 2016
  • joy159
    I would never do you wrong, Allie or WPB. I put money in today & everyday if I have it . I love playing your slots & game it.s very addictive not to. I will let you know about that person we were talking about. I see her hitting alot & then she writes in the chat box they ripped her off, right after she hits. I think Jason is right, there is something wrong with her, it is called greedy or just a lier. Thank You Allie. You are the Best manager & Best Friend on FB. Good Luck in your moving & God Bless You & Hubby. I love you My Friend.
    February 2016
  • joy159
    Hi Allie. I am so sorry but the slots got me. They were just going crazy. I hit on the surfers for 250'000 & diamonds but did'nt pay me, just started spinning again. You know me, I put alot into your game & only ask for what I lose back. Thank You & Good Luck. God Bless you My Friend. My friends code is 167824.
    February 2016
  • joy159
    Hi Allie. I am sorry but I hit the monkeys & it didn't pay me my 100'000 & 5 diamonds. I just put alot of money on the last three days & I was doing so good on the slots until this happened. I would just like what I won & didn't get payed for back.I Love this game & I don't mind putting my money into it. Thank You Allie if you can just get it back for me. God Bless & your a really great Manager. My friends code is 167824.
    February 2016
  • zita
    January 2016

  • January 2016
  • Cillie
    agree Allie
    November 2015
  • Maryisactingout
    Hello Allie! Just dropping by to say hi and hope all is going well for you. (No need to reply). Mary
    October 2015
  • Good manners are a must with me, it grinds my gears when people don't use them.

    "Please" and "thank you" cost nothing.

    So bloody use them, or be prepared to be ignored until you do.

    You get more if your mouth is filled with honey, than if your mouth is filled with vinegar.
    July 2015